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Kentucky Wildcab is a free, late night on-demand transportation resource for UK students primarily designed to provide a free ride home to UK students and their guests while promoting responsible and safe late night transportation decisions. Kentucky Wildcab is provided by the UK Student Government Association and operated by Parking and Transportation Services.

Hours of Operation

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 3am during fall and spring semesters.

Note: Kentucky Wildcab will not operate during summer and winter breaks, on the weekend of fall and spring graduation, the weekend of Thanksgiving break, and the weekend before or during spring break. On days of home football games, Kentucky Wildcab will not serve the Commonwealth Stadium and portions of the south and southeast service area and wait times may be extended due to excessive traffic congestion. Service will return to normal approximately two hours after the end of the game.

Using Kentucky Wildcab

Rides may be requested using the Transloc Rider mobile app on your smartphone or online. You can access this app through Google Play or the App Store, as well as through the GoSafe option on our LiveSafe app. Typical wait times may vary from a few minutes up to 15 minutes. Once a ride has been requested, users will receive text alerts notifying them when they are the next rider to be picked-up as well as when their ride has arrived at the scheduled pick-up point. Upon arrival, a Kentucky Wildcab will wait for 3 minutes before cancelling the ride and moving on to other requests. Students may be asked to show a valid student ID to the Kentucky Wildcab driver upon their arrival.

How To Get Started

Note: Do not set up your account through the TransLoc Rider app. Use the following instructions:
Go to
Do NOT select “Create Account”. Instead, select University of Kentucky under “… or sign in with your university login”.
Enter your Link Blue credentials. You will then be redirected to the TransLoc “Create An Account” page.
Your name and email address should be pre-populated. Create a user ID and add your mobile phone number (in order to receive text notifications when requesting rides).
Choose the “Create Account” button.
This will complete your account setup.

Requesting a Ride

    1. If you haven’t done so yet, download the TransLoc Rider app.
    2. Open the TransLoc Rider app.
    3. On Demand IconPress the On-Demand icon.

Note: The icon will be blue when the service is in operation and will be gray when Kentucky Wildcab is not in operation.
The first time you request a ride, you will need to log on using your Link Blue credentials. After that, your credentials will be stored in the app until you log out.

    1. Select pick-up location by moving the green pointer on the map or entering the address. Then press the green Select Pickup Location button.
    2. Choose drop-off location by moving the red pointer on the map or entering the address. Then press the red Select Drop Off Location button.

Note: Zoom in and try to be as accurate as possible when selecting pick-up and drop-off locations, and avoid selecting locations that would not be accessible by a vehicle.

  1. Select your number of passengers and confirm your ride request.
  2. You will receive a text confirmation with an estimated pick-up time.
  3. Track your vehicle’s progress or cancel the ride request.

Where Can I Go?

Kentucky Wildcab is limited to the general campus vicinity. The pre-established travel zone is designed to accommodate the majority of areas adjacent to campus frequented by students and is generally bounded by Clays Mill and Red Mile Road to the west, Sixth Street to the north, Tates Creek to the east and Southland Drive to the south.

For technical assistance during our hours of operation, call (859) 323-RIDE (323-7433).