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The Student Fee Allocation Committee (SFAC) is currently accepting applications the next Fiscal Year. Applications are due Sunday, November 13th at 6 PM to with subject “SFAC Application – (Your organization/department)”.

The SFAC is a board that decides how the mandatory fees that each student pays are spent. The board receives applications from interested organizations/departments, reviews the applications and selects applicants to be interviewed, meets with selected interviewees, and then makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the President on how the student fees should be distributed. Earlier in the semester, the SFAC made recommendations for how surplus student fees from the current fiscal year should be allocated. Now, we are beginning the process of student fee allocation for the next fiscal year.

The timeline for Student Fee Applications is as follows:

  • Applications close: Sunday, November 13th at 6PM
  • Student Fee Allocation Committee meets to review applications in Blazer Dining 334: Thursday, November 17th
  • Applicants notified as to whether or not they are invited to present by Tuesday, November 22nd
  • Student Fee Allocation Committee meets to hear presentations in Blazer Dining 334: Thursday, December 1st, and if necessary, Friday, December 2nd
  • Applicants notified of the committee’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees by Friday, December 9th.

If your organization or department is interested in receiving a mandatory student fee for the first time or a fee increase, you will need to fill out one of the below applications. There is one application for organizations and departments that are existing fee recipients and another for organizations and departments that would like to receive a fee for the first time. Organizations or departments that receive fees are typically groups that have the ability to impact all students on campus, not just a certain subset. All applications are due to by Sunday, November 13th at 6 PM.

Please make the subject of your email the following: “SFAC Application – (Your organization/department)”.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Elizabeth Foster, the chair of the Student Fee Allocation Committee, at