Student Conduct (Policies & Procedures) 2014-01-10T21:29:26+00:00

Part I: Code of Student Conduct: Rules, Procedures, Rights and Responsibilities

Covers non-academic relations between the University and students enrolled in the Main Campus‚ in the Medical Center and in any UK program at another campus. Originally adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 2‚ 1967‚ and may be amended only by that body.

Part II :Selected Rules of the University Senate Governing Academic Relationships

Covers academic relationships between students and the University. Adopted and may be amended by the University Senate.

Part III :Time‚ Place‚ and Manner of Meetings‚ Demonstrations‚ and Other Assemblies

Taken from the University’s Administrative Regulations, which may be amended by the President of the University.

Part IV: University of Kentucky Alcohol Policy

One of the University’s Administrative Regulations.

Part V: Student Records

Summarizes the University’s policies and procedures concerning Student Records. May be amended by the President of the University.