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Students with documented physical‚ learning‚ or temporary disabilities may receive assistance and support from the office of the Disability Resource Center.

For documentation guidelines information please follow the link.

The goal of the Disability Resource Center is to provide equal access to students who are eligible. They advocate for reasonable accommodations‚ removal of barriers‚ and acceptance of different learning methods. In partnership with students‚ faculty‚ and staff‚ our purpose is to achieve an accessible educational environment where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the university community.

It is recommended that students contact the Disability Resource Center early to request specific assistance so that the required medical or psychological documentation can be reviewed and reasonable accommodations can be provided from the beginning of class work in order to achieve the greatest benefit to the student.

The Disability Resource Center is located in Alumni Gym‚ Room 2‚ at the corner of Avenue of Champions and South Limestone Street (next to the Student Center and across South Limestone Street from Kennedy Bookstore).

Alumni Gymnasium is on the corner of South Limestone Street and Avenue of Champions (Euclid Avenue) next to the Student Center. It includes recreation facilities and offices.

To contact the Disability Resource Center by phone‚ please call V/TDD (859) 257-2754.


Jacob Karnes‚ Jr.


Assistant Dean of Students

V/TDD (859) 257-2754


Susan Fogg

Disability Accommodations Consultant

V/TDD (859) 257-2754


Lindsay Jansen

Accommodated Testing Coordinator/Disability Program Assistant

V/TDD (859) 257-2754


Julia Kovalic

Office Manager

V/TDD (859) 257-2754


Leisa Pickering‚ Ph.D.

Learning Disorders Consultant

V/TDD (859) 257-2754


Jo Stewart

Unit Coordinator

Accessible Textbook Service

V/TDD (859) 257-2754