About the Program

Want to get involved? LEGACY is a student interest and involvement program designed by SGA to allow students the opportunity to make their mark on campus and leave their own personal legacy at UK. We believe that SGA should cultivate a diverse campus that caters to student interests on every level - even for ideas that we haven't thought of. This initiative allows YOU to submit an idea for change - no matter how big or small - and receive consultation or support from Student Government in attempting to turn the proposal into a reality.

This program is open to all students and faculty, irrespective of the individual's affiliation with UK Student Government.


Submit your idea for campus HERE.


Meet the team

Legacy Co-Directors:

Michael Perry



Devon Wilson


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120 Student Center
Lexington, KY 40502-0030

ph: 859.257.3191
fax: 859.257.6645

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