Lawless, Spires debate at Worsham Theater on Sunday

By Kayla Pickrell

Third District council candidates Diane Lawless and Stephanie Spires will debate at Worsham Theater at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

“The 3rd (District) city council member represents the UK area and the area around campus, so this is an opportunity for important issues to be discussed,” said Nolan Jackson, director of the Wildcat Interest Group.

During the debate, students are able to ask questions to the candidates by sending a tweet with hashtag #UKCouncilDebate.

The government editor for the Lexington Herald-Leader, John Stamper, will moderate the debate.

“Stamper knows this campaign well,” Jackson said. “He was recommended by a few colleagues of mine, and this is his niche.”

The debate will be standard, Jackson said, similar to the national debates.

The difference is students’ questions will be filtered in through social networks in addition to the questions Stamper will be asking.

“The greatest thing about the debate is that students can ask questions,” Jackson said.

Lawless and Spires will have two minutes to respond to students’ questions.

“Students can come out and voice their opinions and concerns,” UK Student Government President Stephen Bilas said. “This will impact students on a local level, and we’ve already seen that on a national level.”

Because the District 3 council member represents UK and the surrounding neighborhoods, Bilas said this is an opportunity to voice concerns on a slightly larger scale.

“A lot of change has happened on campus and surrounding neighborhoods lately that the president has addressed,” Bilas said. “It’s important to hear what they have to say about it.”

He said it is also a way to be actively involved in the process.

“I encourage students to come out and see a smaller-scale debate,” Bilas said.

He hopes the candidates will take with them some of the students’ voices.

“I really hope students get more out of it than just the candidates’ platforms,” Jackson said. “It provides a great opportunity for students to get involved in the community.”



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