Click here to view the 2015 Spring Unofficial Ballot and Platform Statements.

FOR CANDIDATES – The 2015 Spring Election Legislation can be found here – 2015 Spring Election Legislation.

FOR CANDIDATES – The UK Signage Policy can be found here – UK Signage Policy

FOR CANDIDATES – A summary of UK Supreme Court decisions on Elections can be found here – Summary of UK Supreme Court Opinions on Elections.

FOR CANDIDATES – To file an elections complaint or report a violation, please use this form (or similar format), and submit to uksgaelections@gmail.com by 5:00 p.m. on March 6, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Vega, Elections Board Chair, at julia.t.vega@gmail.com, or David Wright, SGA Advisor, at wright.david@uky.edu.

If you are a candidate and have questions or concerns regarding campaign status or violations, please contact Hannah Simms, Elections Investigator, at uksgaelections@gmail.com.


The OFFICIAL 2014 Freshman Election results can be found here – Click here for Official 2014 Freshman Election Results


The UNOFFICIAL Spring 2014 SGA Election results can be found here–2014 Spring SGA Election UNOFFICIAL Results


The 2014 Spring Election Legislation can be found here– 2014 Spring Election Legislation.

The 2014 OFFICIAL Spring Election Ballot and Platform Statements can be found here–Official Ballot and Platform Statements