SGA Election

Please see below for information about the Spring 2021 election candidates.

Voting Information

Voting opens at 9 AM on March 8 and concludes on March 9 at 6 PM

The majority of voting will take place on BBNVOVLED, if students have issues voting online, there will be an in-person location set up in the SGA office on Monday 8th, 9 AM to 4 PM and March 9th, 9 AM to 6 PM.

2021 Official SGA Candidates


Michael Hawse (Pres) & Maya Elias (VP)

Please visit to see our policies.

CATS: A Plan for Real Talk and Real Change.

As rising seniors, currently serving as SGA’s Appropriations and Revenue Chair and Overall Senate Chair, we plan to foster effective advocacy in SGA’s Executive Branch.

Community = Advocacy & Allyship
We are committed to ensuring SGA and campus decision-making amplifies voices of underrepresented communities by:

  • Establishing a student policy-team that mirrors UK’s diverse community and evaluates SGA and campus decisions
  • Advocating for the hiring of more professors, administrators, and therapists of color
  • Increasing SGA grants for multicultural organizations

We will hold administration accountable to student needs by:

  • Working with administrators to eliminate rising tuition and offset expenses by providing grants for textbooks, access codes, graduate school admissions materials, and campus organizations
  • Advocating for administrators to hold regular office hours
  • Holding Administrative Town Halls to assess inadequate administrative responses to hate crimes and campus safety

We will not let SGA sit on the sidelines by:

  • Creating a grant to fund undergrad and graduate students’ research
  • Advocating for on and off-campus student issues in the City Hall and State Legislature
  • Lobbying for more sustainable and affordable dining options on-campus

Student Empowerment
We will not disregard student voice by:

  • Implementing free parking coupons through students’ linkeblue IDs
  • Increasing the amount of therapy visits and telehealth options to prioritize long-term mental health on and off-campus
  • Creating grants for graduate and undergraduate students’ graduation attire

Undergraduate at-Large

Colin Grimm

My name is Colin Grimm and I am a Biology/Pre-med major from Louisville, KY. As an undergraduate senator at large, I will advocate for mental health, sexual assault prevention, and environmental protection. Mental health has always been very important to me and I will continue to fight for the improvement of resources within our University. By creating more opportunities to learn about our resources on campus, more students will be able to get the help that they need. Everywhere on this campus should be a safe space no matter the time of day. By improving our campus safety, our students will be able to walk around campus in the middle of the night and feel completely safe. The University of Kentucky is one of the most beautiful campus in the country year-round. As a senator at large, I will urge for decisions to be made with the most respect to our environment. As your senator at large, I will advocate for the resources and improvements to make our students safer, happier, and healthier.

College of Agriculture, Food, & Environment

Haley Nelson

Logan Bechanan

Graduate School Senator

Hunter McCormick

Write-In Candidates


Chris Rice (Pres) & Eli Raymond (VP)

College of Nursing

Claire-Marie Hall

Jenna Knight

Undergraduate at-large

Andrew Butkovich

Caroline Yandell

Hi! My name is Caroline Yandell and I am running for an undergraduate senator at-large seat. I am a Pre-Marketing major and minoring in both Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Digital Media & Design. This directly affiliates me with three colleges: Business and Economics, Arts and Sciences, and Fine Arts — making me better equipped to represent a large group of students. I am concerned that students are not aware of the many resources available to them at UK. For example, I have spoken to several students facing food insecurity who did not know that free lunches are available every Wednesday through the Farm-to-Fork program. I want students to understand the opportunities available to them, and I am willing to do the work to make it happen. Due to social distancing requirements, many of us have felt disconnected from the university and each other. As campus slowly comes back to life, I will work with the university to develop and promote programs that will help us build those missing connections so that we can get the most out of our remaining time at UK. I will also focus on strengthening our sustainability initiatives, expanding community service opportunities, and advocating for mental health. I promise to be a senator you can count on as we transition to a more normal college experience. Check out my campaign Instagram @carolineyandell4ukysenate for more information or feel free to reach out through direct message.

David Roy

Hello Everyone, my name is David Roy, and my overall goal as a member of your Undergraduate-Senator-At-Large position, it to make your involvement with campus as a student feel primary and necessary. I want to change the normal ways we have gone about getting together during these socially distanced times. My plans to incorporate many students is implement new events and opportunities that will be easily accessible to every student. These may include events such as a socially distanced poker night, dorm floor team building activities, and even an addition of guest speakers who can talk about many different important aspects in our society today. My main purpose is to try to let every student know that they are not alone at these times, and they should always have other students to talk to about anything. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and remember vote for David Roy, "The Choice for a better change".

Danica Moon

Hello, UK! My name is Danica Moon and I’m running for re-election to be an undergraduate senator at large. I had the honor of serving in this position last year and there are several more things I’d like to accomplish in SGA. My slogan remains “Making SGA work for everyone”, because at this point, it does not. SGA manages thousands of dollars of student fee money, but many students don’t know where it goes or who their representatives are. During my time in office, I’ve made an effort to update students on what’s happening in SGA, listen to their feedback, and advocate for them. I do this on my Instagram, @moon4senate. Currently I serve on the Operations and Evaluations Committee, which is responsible for approving presidential appointments before they go to full senate and evaluating SGA programs/paid positions. These programs and positions in SGA are paid for with your student fees, so it’s critical that we identify issues and hold folks accountable. In committee meetings I’ve argued for holding presidential appointees and those in paid SGA positions to a high standard. If re-elected I’ll continue to make SGA more accessible to students, and to stand as a testament to the fact that SGA is not exclusively made up of folks who are in Greek life, wealthy, or any of the other stereotypes. I’ll continue to make SGA work for everyone.

Andrew Laws

Youmna Hakoum

Noah Daniel

Kelly Whitmore

Nicole Herbert

Catherine Allen

Graduate at large

Shawn Harkins

Pharmacy College

Taylor Williams

College of Arts & Sciences

Megan VanGilder

College of Design

Caroline Slicer

Communication College

Chae Lea

College of Engineering

Maryrose Ramsey

Law School

Nicole Cossel

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Cossel, and I am a write-in candidate running for Graduate Senator at Large. My goal is to help you accomplish your goals. Big Blue Nation is a diverse community, and I will advocate for the inclusion of all CATS. We come from all over to share our backgrounds and experiences together. As we prepare for our futures paths it is important that each person feels welcome and safe on our campus. My goal is to help you accomplish your goals. To do this I will advocate for your mental health and wellness and your individual and communal rights. I realize that each person may face different challenges and I welcome your input on what you think needs to be addressed. This has been an unusual year for everyone,and we have found new ways of tackling everything big and small in our lives. The ability to grow and change and remain flexible while the world around us is continuously changing is a quality that will allow us to come out of this stronger together. A little about me ... I am a MarineCorps Veteran, I am currently pursuing a JD in the College of Law, and I received my BA in Psychology and Fine Arts from UK. I appreciate you and with your vote we can continue to move forward together.

Jay Phillips

Isra Sharfi

Abby Schueler

Henry Cashen

Ashlei McPherson