SGA Election

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Freshman Senate Candidates

These are the 20-21 unofficial Freshman Senate Candidates winners.

Kelsey Siebenthaler

If elected to the Freshman Senate, my main platforms would be student empowerment and sustainability. Our campus is no place for discrimination of any kind, whether that’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Beyond this, every student should be treated with fairness and respect. I personally take being an ally for the communities that are not treated with equity very seriously. The path for reporting an offense based on these identities should be clear and encouraged among our community. I would be the link between you and our administration to address the important issues that only students see.

Sustainable living is also important to me. I do my best to contribute as I can on a personal level but even more relevantly, we must demand more from larger institutions, such as our university, that have an even larger impact. An example of this is in our dining halls. Pre-COVID, our university used an amazing dish-washing system that minimized waste. Currently, the amount of styrofoam we use is truly disappointing. It would be my goal to find and implement a more environmentally conscious alternative across campus. Additionally, I would advocate for increased outdoor seating to compensate for the reduced indoor seating in our dining halls. I want to be your voice. Together, even through this trying pandemic, we will make this campus our own. As a Lexington native, I know that this campus has the potential to become the home away from home that every single student deserves.

Ellie Kiper

I’m excited to announce that I have put my name forward for the Freshman Senate at the University of Kentucky. In the time we have been on this campus, I have actively engaged in the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, DanceBlue committee, and Gatton Global Scholars program. Through my experience as student body president, a school ambassador, and DanceBlue head chair, I can advocate for change and execute initiatives. As a freshman senator, I will ensure that everyone has a voice and is represented. I will use my position to advocate for more resources to be made available to increase awareness on mental and physical health, work to make more ecofriendly dining containers available to all, and reform the current visitation policy.

During these unprecedented times, it’s critical that our class becomes united and overcomes these obstacles presented. I pledge to be adaptable and transparent with our class in order to make the absolute best of our time on campus. If elected to represent our class, I will serve with integrity and determination to inflict a change in every way I see possible. I would be honored to have your vote as your next Freshman Senator.

Ben Slack

My name is Ben Slack and I want to be your next freshman senator. Growing up in a small town in southern Kentucky as the son of two Wildcat alums, I have bled blue my entire life. I can not tell you how many trips to Lexington I have made in my life, yearning for my chance to be a student at the University of Kentucky. Now, although I feel that our university is a wonderful place to be, I believe that we can make it better. Because of all the changes that we have had to make in the last year, it is crucial that we are able to stay connected, while also receiving a quality education and staying healthy. These are the core values that I have revolving around our community and I feel like I can be your voice to improve the flaws that come with novelty. As the son of a public school teacher, I recognize the importance of education and the policy that governs it. It is one of my biggest passions and why I feel compelled to represent our class in the room where decisions about our future will be discussed. Furthermore, I believe that improvements in involvement as well as health awareness, both physical and mental, are crucial to our success in these next four years. This is why I want to represent us: to be able to make every single student feel the same way about UK as I do.

Nunu Vorkpor

Hello friends! My name is Nunu Vorkpor. I am a freshman at The University of Kentucky, and I’m running for Freshman Senate. I’m from right here from Lexington, KY. I am majoring in economics with a minor in political science. When I’m not attending class or studying, I love spending time with my family, traveling, watching football, or meeting new people.

I decided to run for the freshman senate because I desire to be a voice for the voiceless. I strive to be an advocate for all of my fellow peers. I wish for a campus community that everyone can walk on while feeling comfortable and confident. I intend to be an open, approachable, and positive student on campus for others to voice their questions and concerns to me. I am your voice. Together we can create a better campus for the future. In high school, I always felt the need to be the change in a world that is broken. And I now have the chance to be the change I want to see in the world. It starts here at the University of Kentucky.

If you want a campus where you can be you. If you want a campus where you achieve all your aspirations.If you want a campus that can get you to the next step in your journey. Then vote Nunu Vorkpor for Freshman Senate to create a more improved campus for you.