Column: How SGA Can Help You

By Roshan Palli

Much like the United States government, UK’s student government is split into three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. 

The executive branch consists of myself – the president — the vice president and a collection of directors. It handles day-to-day operations. The legislative branch, which consists of the Senate, principally allocates money to student organizations and passes resolutions. The judicial branch interprets rules and certifies elections. Understanding how SG is built is important to understanding how it relates to the community and how you can directly benefit.

While the executive side of things is sometimes the most visible, our senators do all kinds of good work for a very diverse range of interests and students. I heard a story this week about one of our former College of Design senators, Kendall Latham.

Last year, an architecture group within the College of Design applied for and received funding to finance a trip to a national architecture conference. Many students were able to attend who otherwise would not.

These students were able to make connections at the conference with other schools across the country, including Ivy League schools such as Harvard University and Yale University. Kendall will enroll at Harvard this fall.

Funding from the Senate makes an impact in students’ lives all the time. Every semester the Senate gives out child-care grants, helping parents attending UK to continue their education while also taking care of their young ones.

We help organizations hold events, travel to conferences and do any number of things that help fulfill their mission. If you want to apply for funding, everything you need is easily accessible on our website —

There you can find applications for general funding grants, service grants and club sports grants. You can also find contacts for each of our senators.

If your project is related to one of our academic colleges, you should contact that college’s senator to get you started. At-large senators can be contacted for any issue.

We are all resources to help you get the resources you need.

Source: The Kentucky Kernel

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