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Legislative Branch

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We propose in UK to help undergraduate. Our cheap price assignment help services are renowned due to online writing quality. The Legislative Branch is comprised of forty-six (46) Senators.  This governing body allocates funds, approves presidential appointments, facilitates legislative changes, and represents the student voice through resolutions.  Twenty-five (25) Senators represent UK’s academic colleges (including graduate & professional), fifteen (15) Senators are elected ‘undergraduate at-large’ to represent the undergraduate student body as a whole, five (5) Senators are elected ‘graduate at-large’ to represent the graduate student body as a whole, and four (4) are elected as freshmen representatives.  The Senate President serves as the liaison between the executive and legislative branches and oversees the four committees: Appropriations and Revenue, Academic/Student Affairs, Operations & Evaluations, & Committee on Committees.


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Senate Records

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For Senate agendas, minutes, and voting records click below

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Senate Legislation

Keep up with the latest legislation passed by Senate!

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Senator Office Hours

                              College of Agriculture                               

Hunter-Anne Julian
Hunter-Anne JulianAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Tyler MajchrzakAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member

                          College of Arts and Sciences                           

Mitch Steinhauser
Mitch SteinhauserAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Sara KhandaniAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member
Noor AliOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              College of Business and Economics                               

Kassie MillerAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Noah LewisSenate Executive

                              College of Communication                               

Sarah GossetAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member

                              College of Dentistry                               

Dalton Hampton
Dalton HamptonAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member

                              College of Design                               

Ezra Griffith
Ezra GriffithAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member

                              College of Education                               

Jared Ordos
Jared OrdosAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Brendan O'NeilOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              College of Engineering                               

Brandon TracyAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Richard GunasenaOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              College of Fine Arts                               

Will LovanUniversity Senate

                              Graduate Senator At Large                               

Andrew Frey
Andrew FreyAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Kai Zhang
Kai ZhangOperations & Evaluations Committee Member
Mitchell Richmond
Mitchell RichmondAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Jordan Potter
Jordan PotterAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member
Katlyn Mulhall
Katlyn MulhallAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member

                              College of Health Sciences                               

Parisa Shamaei ZadehOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              College of Law                               

Joseph McClureAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member

                              College of Medicine                               

Joshua Eli BellOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              College of Nursing                               

Colleen Bailey
Colleen BaileyAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member

                              College of Pharmacy                               

Eric MarrUniversity Senate

                              College of Public Health                               

Brooke HopkinsOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              Senator At Large                               

Dylan Byrum
Dylan ByrumAppropriations and Revenue Committee Chair
John Spencer
John SpencerAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Riley Grant
Riley GrantAppropriations and Revenue Committee Member
Bharath Chithrala
Bharath ChithralaAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Chair
Tiana The
Tiana TheAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member
Matthew F. Jones
Matthew F. JonesAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member
Sherman EverettAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member
Brady Ekman
Brady EkmanOperations & Evaluations Committee Chair
Tyler Barton
Tyler BartonOperations & Evaluations Committee Member
Iman AliOperations & Evaluations Committee Member
Logan Howard
Logan HowardOperations & Evaluations Committee Member
Christina GriffinOperations & Evaluations Committee Member
Duncan Paul
Duncan PaulOperations & Evaluations Committee Member

                              College of Social Work                               

Claire Panter
Claire PanterAcademic/Student Affairs Committee Member