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The Legislative Branch is comprised of forty-six (46) Senators.  This governing body allocates funds, approves presidential appointments, facilitates legislative changes, and represents the student voice through resolutions.  Twenty-five (25) Senators represent UK’s academic colleges (including graduate & professional), fifteen (15) Senators are elected ‘undergraduate at-large’ to represent the undergraduate student body as a whole, five (5) Senators are elected ‘graduate at-large’ to represent the graduate student body as a whole, and four (4) are elected as freshmen representatives.  The Senate President serves as the liaison between the executive and legislative branches and oversees the four committees: Appropriations and Revenue, Academic/Student Affairs, Operations & Evaluations, & Committee on Committees. For information on Senate’s funding process for student organizations, Click here. For Senate agendas, minutes, and voting records, click here. For legislation passed by the UKSGA Senate, click here.
Senate Leadership

Todd Montgomery

Senate President


Noah Lewis

Senate Executive Committee Member-at-Large; Senator-at-Large

Austin Bach

Appropriations & Revenue Committee Chair; Senator-at-Large

Chelsea Folmar

Operations & Evaluation Committee Chair; College of Agriculture Senator

Nicole Mattingly

Academic & Student Affairs Chair; Senator-at-Large
Undergraduate At-Large 

Sydney Barnett

Senator-at-Large, Senate Coordinator

Bharath Chithrala


Brady Ekman


Allison Olmsted


Jonathan Seitzinger


Susie Smith


Angelo Stekardis


Catherine Stuckert


Duncan Paul


Tommy Daley

Graduate At-Large

Jordan Potter

Senator, Graduate-at-Large

William Serson

Senator, Graduate-at-Large

Lauren Chavira

Senator, Graduate-at-Large

Sarah McDowell

Senator, Graduate-at-Large

Spencer Reed

Senator, Graduate At-Large
College of Agriculture, Food, & Environment

Logan Layne

Senator, College of Agriculture, Food, & Environment
College of Arts & Sciences

Esias Bedingar

Senator, College of Arts & Sciences

Asir Chishti

Senator, College of Arts & Sciences
Gatton College of Business & Economics

Paul Savage

Senator, Gatton College of Business & Economics

Tyler Harris

Senator, Gatton College of Business & Economics
College of Communication & Information

Savanah Sellars

Senator, College of Communication & Information
College of Dentistry

Dalton Hampton

Senator, College of Dentistry
College of Design

Blane Hornung

Senator, College of Design
College of Education

Sarah Smith

Senator, College of Education

College of Engineering

Hannah Botts

Senator, College of Engineering
College of Fine Arts

Will Lovan

Senator, College of Fine Arts
College of Health Sciences

Meghan Phelan

Senator, College of Health Sciences
College of Law

Benjamin T. Harris

Senator, College of Law
College of Medicine

Faiyad Mannan

Senator, College of Medicine
College of Nursing

Chase Buck

Senator, College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy

Lakin Mills

Senator, College of Pharmacy
College of Public Health

Matthew Roland

Senator, College of Public Health
College of Social Work

Jenny Youngberg

Senator, College of Social Work