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The Legislative Branch is comprised of forty-six (46) Senators.  This governing body allocates funds, approves presidential appointments, facilitates legislative changes, and represents the student voice through resolutions.  Twenty-five (25) Senators represent UK’s academic colleges (including graduate & professional), fifteen (15) Senators are elected ‘undergraduate at-large’ to represent the undergraduate student body as a whole, five (5) Senators are elected ‘graduate at-large’ to represent the graduate student body as a whole, and four (4) are elected as freshmen representatives.  The Senate President serves as the liaison between the executive and legislative branches and oversees the four committees: Appropriations and Revenue, Academic/Student Affairs, Operations & Evaluations, & Committee on Committees. For information on Senate’s funding process for student organizations, Click here. For legislation passed by the UKSGA Senate, click here.

Rahul Annabathula

Arts & Sciences/Senate Executive Committee Member At-Large

Sydney Barnett

Appropriations & Revenue Committee Chair

Hannah Botts

Operations & Evaluation Committee Chair

Ben Childress

Academic & Student Affairs Committee Chair