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The Judicial Branch is comprised of a Chief Justice and six Supreme Court Justices.  The Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of legislation, handles claims levied against SGA officials, interprets and rules on election rules violations, and certifies the elections.


Supreme Court Opinions

Valid Signature Sheets (In re O'Neil) - 10.9.2014

Invalid Signature Sheets (In re Harper Smith) - Spring 2013

Freshmen Defintion (In re Definition of Freshmen) - 10.18.12

Removing Campaign Material (Staples/Wimberly v. Bilas/Kington II) - 4.5.12

Valuation of Tweets (Staples/Wimberly v. Bilas/Kington I) - 4.5.12

Painted Surfaces II - 4.8.10

Painted Surfaces I - Fall 2009


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