Annual safety walk report released

By Kayla Pickrell

Student Government’s division of campus safety has released the report from its safety walk conducted in late October.

Most of the places on campus needing attention were lightposts that are out and bushes that have overgrown onto the walkways, creating an uncomfortable place to walk for students and faculty.

Woody Hoagland, head of campus safety, said most of the lights have been replaced or are in the process of being replaced.

They will be completely replaced by the end of the semester, he said.

“Bushes and lights and little improvements could be done anytime,” Hoagland said. “The bigger projects will have to wait because of weather and financial issues.”

Once the weather is warmer, Hoagland and UK will look into finalizing the bigger projects.

Hoagland said he is meeting with the Lexington Transportation Department on Wednesday to talk about making crosswalks on and off campus a safer place for students.

“I really think looking into effective options would decrease the number of accidents happening, between bikers getting hit by cars and bikers hitting pedestrians,” the safety walk report said.

Hoagland said he is also meeting with the head of Campus Issues later in the week to finalize some of the bigger projects and to see how well the smaller ones are going.

“Everything is going better than planned, to be honest,” Hoagland said.

Some additions to campus safety that are being looked into include repainting the Cats Paws, “Bicycle Yield” signs and markings around campus.

They are also looking into a way to add an explanation of the Cats Paws next to each marking, the report said.

“We are re-evaluating everything we saw in the safety walk,” Hoagland said.

Lights are looking to be added on the corner of the Chemistry-Physics Building, next to the Engineering Annex, along the walkway leading into the Visitors Center at the Gatton College of Business and Economics and near the guardhouse at the entrance of Funkhouser Drive.

“I think the walk is very beneficial for all of us to get together and think creatively on how to continue to improve our campus,” the report said.

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