The University of Kentucky Student Government Association (UKSGA) represents all undergraduate, graduate and professional students enrolled at the University in several critical ways.  UKSGA exists to increase student influence over academic policy and to provide many helpful, creative and necessary student services.  UKSGA also exists to protect and expand student substantive and procedural rights with the University and surrounding municipalities.  Finally, UKSGA exists to better represent the student body in relations with faculty, administration, Board of Trustees and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Click to view our current constitution.

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UKSGA's organizational structure is modeled after the US Government with executive, legislative and judicial branches.  The roles for each branch are explained below:

Executive Branch – oversees the day-to-day operations and facilitates major programs (Cats Cab, TallyCats, Freshmen Leadership Development Program, etc.).  This group is comprised of the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Cabinet Directors and Program Coordinators.  The President also serves on the Board of Trustees as a voting member.

Legislative Branch – There are forty (46) Senators total in the legislative branch.  They allocate funds, approve presidential appointments, facilitate legislative changes and represent the larger student voice.  Twenty-two (22) Senators represent UK's various colleges (including graduate & professional), twenty (20) Senators are elected ‘at-large’ to represent the student body as a whole and four (4) are elected as freshmen representatives.  The Senate President serves as the liaison between the executive and legislative branches and oversees the four committees: Appropriations and Revenue, Academic/Student Affairs, Internal Affairs, & Committee on Committees.

Judicial Branch – This branch is comprised of one Chief Justice and six Supreme Court Justices.  The Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of legislation, handles claims levied against SGA officials, hears any election rules violations and validates the elections.

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